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Car paint

Car paint by the German producer Mipa and the Japanese-Slovenian Helios.

Industrial paint

An extensive range of industrial coatings. A solution for every surface.

Military coatings

Specialized coatings for military applications world-wide.


Materials required to apply and work the coating.



Paint & Non-Paint

We produce and distribute products for working, restoring and painting bodywork. As a partner, we support you and help you to quickly deliver high-quality work.


We are a free and independent player in the Benelux bodywork market. We work based on mutual interest and always respect your sovereignty. Our exclusive quality products and accompanying service convince the most demanding professional. Customers choose us not because they have to, but because they want to.

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Benelux Supplier Vehicle Repairs & Industry.

We exclusively import products from the Mipa range in Belgium and Luxembourg. We have steadily grown over the last decade. Thanks to the strategic acquisition of the independent supply company Dabrav BV, this growth continued in Flanders and the Netherlands. As a result, we can also count the know-how of the Japanese-Slovenian paint brand Helios / Kansai among our arsenal. Mipa and Helios are two of the largest paint producers in the world. No matter which professional coating your project requires, we can assist you.


Custom advice

Our technical staff are in the field daily and offer support where needed. In addition, we offer trainings at our company. Multiple times per year, we invite our clients for a training in the factories in Germany and Slovenia. 

Present but invisible

Network of distributors Benelux

We work with a network of highly driven distributors. They are close to the end user of our brands and ensure a fast and personal service. We ensure that all processes run smoothly, in the preparation zone and in the spray booth.  

Custom work

Custom industrial coatings

We produce our coatings modularly. This results in many possibilities, such as water-based or solvent-borne products, alkyd, PU epoxy, acrylic, anti-corrosive, decorative or effect. Systems for carbon, for example for bicycles, helicopters and more.

Expert team

Quality products with accompanying service

Our approach is no-nonsense and personal. To satisfy even the most demanding bodywork repairer. Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives and we will visit you as soon as possible.

Japanese quality - Kansai


Damage repair is one of the largest and strategically important components of the Helios Group, which is part of the Japanese Kansai. That is why they continuously invest in research and development. This constantly enriches their product mix with new products that perfectly align with the demands of the professional. 

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MIPA SE is a fast-growing German producer of varnish and paints. It is still a family company, with over 100 years of experience in developing coatings.

Their production takes place in eight separate high-tech factories throughout Europe.

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