Professional paint systems

Mipa Coatings

MIPA SE offers the professional a highly complete paint system with dozens of variations in colour and gloss levels. Mipa is constantly innovating and ensures a smooth process for each step of the painting process. The result of each paint application must meet the highest quality demands. Together with B-Coat, Mipa frequently organises professional courses and trainings.

European branch of Kansai

Helios Coatings

Helios is a leading player in the paint industry and produces new colour formulas and innovative colour tools ever year. In its modern training centre in Slovenia, Helios and B-coat demonstrate the correct and smooth application of their products. 

Helios Refinish includes MOBIHEL and COLOMIX as leading brands in the damage repair segment and GRAVIHEL as high-performing industrial component.

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Colour is everything. If the colour fits, the form fits.

 Colour is everything. Colour is vibration, like music.

Everything is vibration.

Marc Chagall, French painter

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